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               Every moment is a fresh beginning- T.S. Eliot

We welcome every day as we welcome the fresh beginning it promises. And are we ever ready for a new beginning, a new dedication to our staff – to try to support them as best we can to help them thrive,  a new dedication to our farmers and ranchers – to honor what they produce,  and a new dedication to you, our clients – to continue to welcome you and share the wonderful bounty of California.

The hope for our space is that it may always bring moments of delight and a sense of community,  for us this is the purpose of a life well lived, and we thank you for the consistent reminders.

 Patrick & Bobbin Mulvaney


We’re a restaurant that changes its tune—and menus— DAILY, in sync with Sacramento’s growing seasons. A national proponent of local fare. A champion of positive change for the community. …And did we mention the meals you’ll remember forever?

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With the current state of food it can be difficult to know what is actually in season. Lucky for you, we make our business to know. We update our menus daily, keeping pace with the rotating year-round bounty of our incredible local purveyors.

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You can’t get a true taste of the B&L from this website. So stop reading! And enjoy the charming attention to detail of the Mulvaney’s B&L team. Book a table! It’ll be the best thing you do today.

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Featured Farm: Twin Peaks Orchard


FEATURED FARM: Twin Peaks Orchards


Twin Peaks Orchards is nestled in the foothills of Newcastle, California. This area has been known as the fruit basket of the world since produce began to be shipped east by ice train in the late 1800’s.

The vineyard quality soil, the rolling hills of Newcastle, California, and hot days with cool nights create fruit that is not only rich in sugar, but full of flavor. Peaches, plums, nectarines, persimmons, oriental pears…Twin Peaks Orchards provides you with the gourmet fruit lovers’ dream, wonderful delicious aromatic tree ripened fruit picked at its optimum maturity to provide you with a taste and visual sensation like no other.

They hand pick and pack their premium tree ripe fruit nearly year round. They start in early May with our sweet peaches and floral nectarines, and end the year with their unique mix of persimmons and citrus.